Hi! I’m Ellie, the writer and artist behind the ZeldaCroft name.

ZeldaCroft is a pseudonym I chose after two of my favorite video game heroines: Princess Zelda and Lara Croft.  Right now I’m looking forward to crossing the Atlantic this fall for college in London. My biggest passions are writing, art, music, history, and world travel.

About the Website

My main purpose in starting this website was (and is) to share my journey through the art world.  Because of that, really anything art-related is fair game.

Specifically, though, I post about my art, including things like work-in-progress pictures and info on my artistic process.  I also share resources that I’ve found useful and may help you as well.  As someone mildly obsessed with art books, I write reviews on them every now and then.

A Little About Me

Want to know what I do besides art?  Here are some lil’ facts:

  • In 9th grade I was a winner in a competitive national poetry contest.
  • I was a Girl Scout for nine years, which instilled interests in volunteering and camping.
  • My novel-in-progress is a post-apocalyptic science fiction book.
  • While my dream is to travel all over the world, I’d especially love to go to Greece, Japan, and back to Italy.
  • I enjoy cooking and baking, though I don’t know how to make many recipes.
  • Growing up in rural New England, I have a fondness for Robert Frost’s poems and walks in the woods.
  • My music loves are eclectic.  I listen (and sing along) every day, ranging from ’70’s/’80’s rock to Disney soundtracks to classical to OneRepublic.
  • At my high school graduation, I won an awesome grant from my school to start this business (thanks, alma mater!).  You can check out what I bought here.