Sooo…things didn’t quite work out for the first week of the summer reboot.

We just survived a thick heatwave, which always seems to kill my productivity (I tend to become an exhausted slug in weather like that).  A few things have unexpectedly popped up, too, including a vacation for Independence Day.

This month is also Camp NaNoWriMo, or Camp National Novel Writing Month, which encourages writers to finish a first draft of a writing project.  I’m participating this year for a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic novel I’ve been wanting to do.  It’s really exciting, even the prospect of writing 40,000 words-ish in 31 days is a little, well, intimidating.

So instead of a ‘real’ blog, here’s a little update, and arty blogs and videos will resume this Tuesday.

To make up for the unexpected break, here’s Tiana from Princess and the Frog, who’s also wondering why there’s no blogs.


I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful with my color choices, so I tried to match them tonally with the style of the movie.  Normally I don’t use a muted palette, but this sketch has inspired me to try it out with other artworks.

Originally, she was reacting to what the TV show Once Upon a Time did to her character.  It changed her from being a hard-working, lower class optimist to a typical princess (as well as a run of the mill resistance fighter).  I got over it, but at the time I was frustrated the writers took away basically everything that made her unique.

Anyway, today it felt like her expression fits how I feel about not having no content for a while.  I’m sorry, but I’ll work to make sure there’s new stuff soon.

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