Between taking my first college exams, moving to a new country, and having a bad case of bronchitis, my first year away at university was nothing short of a learning experience.  It kept me busy, but as you can probably tell I wasn’t able to fit many blogs into that hectic schedule.

Which was a shame, because I love writing and running this site.  I also couldn’t finish (or even start) many artworks.  So, I’m sorry to both you and myself for needing to take a break.

To be honest, I ended up feeling very overwhelmed for much of the year.  There were many good things, some of which will be featured in upcoming blogs, but some things like school and house work just snuck up on me. Plus, I sprained my (non-dominant) wrist pretty badly about an hour before my first exam, so it has been pretty much unusable since late April.

In fact, my mom had to come to England from America for the first time to help me.  I had to move out of my student housing, and there was no way I could have done it all one-handed.  (Thanks Mom <3) burgess-park-pigeons-lake

We took a break from packing to visit the beautiful Burgess Park in South London.

BUT the good news is that I learned a lot about how to balance my studies, interests, and personal care in a healthy way.  Moving forward I can try to find a mid-ground between my contrasting workaholic tendencies and procrastination habits.

Especially now that I’m back home and my wrist is on the mend, I’m super excited about getting back to work on my art and writing.

Happily, that starts this Tuesday with a consistent posting schedule.  From then on, at least for the summer, you can expect a blog every Tuesday and Saturday.  If anything changes, I’ll make sure to post on Twitter what’s up.

Thanks to a new webcam mount, you’ll be getting more videos on my YouTube, too.  While many will be speed draws about my creation process, I also have some new art projects and challenges in store.  Whether they’re cheap art supplies, models, or more, you can look forward to seeing a bigger variety in my videos.

To prepare, I’ve been inking a lot of the sketches I started in-between studying for tests.  I’ve also been settling back into my workspace (a.k.a. a desk and some nice shelves in my bedroom), and taking stock of all the supplies its collected over time.  I kept finding all these art products I had meant to use both personally and for content on here.  This summer will be a lot of fun as I finally have time to use and write about them!

So in short, you can now expect regularly scheduled blogs this summer, including resources, my art, and reviews of art books and products.  Those you can expect to see every Tuesday and Saturday, with the former being more stories and review type blogs, while the latter will usually be art that I create.  On my YouTube channel I plan to have one video a week on that art, with sometimes an extra one (depending on Tuesday’s content).  If you subscribe and click the notification bell, YouTube should tell you every time a new video comes out.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

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