It’s that time of year again where people don their wigs and cloaks in the name of candy and celebration. But don’t think you have to be a vampire, witch, or mummy again. For those of you artistically inclined, here’s nine costumes no one will see coming.

The Mona Lisa


Feel like semi-smiling this Halloween? Frame yourself as Da Vinci’s famous lady for all those photo ops. It seems like this would be somewhat easy to make.  Get creative and paint your own canvas or foam board, and cut a hole for your debated facial expression. Or just buy one here (but you’ll also need a wig).

Pop Art Come to Life

An ever-popular idea among beauty Youtubers and Pinterest(ers?), this Roy Lichtenstein-inspired look requires a bit of time and know-how. The concept of drawing line art and shading on yourself is a creative one, and I imagine hard to achieve successfully. But if you pull it off, you’ll be the talk of any Halloween party. And if makeup isn’t your thing, you can always terrify everyone around you with this nightmarish version. [Read on for an art makeup that’s not so difficult!]

The Creepy Art Teacher


For those wanting a subtle artistic presence, you can never go wrong with a graphic tee. Depending on exactly how much effort you want to put in, this simple shirt gives the flexibility of whatever look you’re going for, be it the creepiness of a zombie, ghoul, you name it. The creators of this design have them available for a variety of occupations as well. (Low-key group costumes, perhaps?) There are many variants on this ‘Halloween Art Teacher’ theme, so be sure to look around.

Bob Ross


Embrace happy little accidents with this rather simple but beloved costume. All you need is the wig/beard combo with a paint set, along with jeans and a button up shirt, and you’re all set to “beat the devil” out of some paintbrushes. Now go paint some happy little trees.

Be the Canvas


Love Bob Ross but don’t like fake beards? Take things one step further and become his painting. I couldn’t believe this was real when I first saw it, but here it is: the opportunity to be your own happy landscape.

Make One of those Bizarrely Abstract, Artistic Statements No One Really Understands


Is art separate from the artist, or are they the same? Is the canvas the artist, or the artist the canvas?  …Anyways, among the more, er, odd options, you could go abstract with this “disappearing man” suit. But hey, if spandex and paint are your thing then go for it. If anonymity is something you’re looking for this Halloween, this get-up provides that as well—despite the lack of breathing room.

24 Crayons in a Box


Go back to kindergarten with this 24 set of crayons. With this costume you rule the box, and show everyone who loved art as a kid. With the rainbow assortment and yellow box, you’re sure to also evoke nostalgia from those around you.

The Crayon of Your Choice


Individualize yourself as a single Crayola color in this artsy (and dorky in the best way possible) get-up. Going with a group of like-minded friends? This one makes for a fun group costume, as everyone can pick a different color.

A Picasso Original

Morph into an early 20th century painting with some simple makeup.  Picasso is most known for his asymmetrical take on the human form, as well as his eclectic choice of colors. Thankfully for those in costumes, that means it’s not too difficult to pass as one of his paintings come to life. Simply take reference from his great works, or put your own creative spin on it like the girl in this video. And when it comes to mistakes, chances are misplaced or oddly drawn lines will only add to the effect.


Take this list as a means of inspiration. There are countless artworks, artists, and art supplies begging to be turned into costumes. Well, maybe not begging, but they’d make for fantastic and memorable looks all the same.  Happy Halloween!

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