It’s amazing how just one event can bring so many people together. And what better than an incredible astronomical one?

There was a partial eclipse where I live, and to celebrate my mom hosted a party/class for our local homeschool group. My brother and I helped with think of eclipse-themed deserts, while my mom tried to simplify her physics explanations to better suit the kids. (While she doesn’t work as a physicist now, she uses her degree to teach these classes to our group.)

She also found a neat and simple eclipse craft. Besides the pin-hole viewers, kids could also make their own total solar eclipse. The idea is simple: you trace a circle stencil onto a colored piece of paper, and then use a white drawing tool to draw the ‘light halo’ of the total eclipse.


For mine, I used my Strathmore gray paper and a white soft pastel. But any construction paper and white chalk will work. It was pretty fun loosely coloring the light rays.

As for the actual eclipse, I’ve never seen anything like it. It was an amazing experience and a great day spent with friends and family. I don’t claim to be a great photographer (although I have some cool photos on my Redbubble shop), but I did get some pictures I like. For Instagram, I put together a little collage:

solar eclipse collage

The dark images in the collage were taken through the special (and coveted) eclipse glasses. It started as an experiment, and happily it allowed my phone camera to see the moon’s crossing.

Now what I’m super excited for is 2024. That’s when another total eclipse crosses America, and I intend on being where totality is. It’s sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Have you ever seen an eclipse? Or would you like to? Let me know below!

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