I’m happy to tell you that today is the launch of my coloring page, er, page.  You may have seen, but there’s now a ‘Free Coloring Pages’ button on the header above.  There you can download some fun line art to color—totally free of charge!

As of right now, a chibi Hatsune Miku is taking center stage.  If you want, you can check out this video of me coloring her with Copic markers for some inspiration.

I’ll be adding more over time, both original and fan art alike.  So stop by every now and then and see what’s new.  (There’s a Legend of Zelda page coming next week!)


Happy coloring!

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I'm a writer, artist, YouTuber, blogger, and musician. I love creating stories and art, playing the piano, and singing along to Broadway musicals. Follow my blog for all things art!

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