This week I was still inspired from last week’s chibi class and writing about MerMay, which could only lead to one thing: a chibi mermaid.

I actually used an extra paper from the class prep that had chibi proportion guide lines on it.  You don’t need to draw them every time to ensure the head to body ratio, but I figured I would use it to make things easier.

Like most mermaids, she needed an aquatic companion.  Since I wanted her to be mostly blue, I thought an orange clown fish would be nice contrast.  I also decided to give her little pearls and a starfish barrette to add some cute details.


For some reason her skin kept getting washed out in all of the pictures, and I couldn’t edit it to look right without ruining the rest of the coloring

Fish are friends, not food.  Well, in this picture anyway.  The idea is that she is hugging her little fish.  But when I showed my mom the sketch she said, “It’s cute but she’s not going to…eat it…is she?”  No, it’s just supposed to be her buddy.

[That was a better comment than my grandmother’s.  She took one look and said, “You drew a creep!”  Turns out she wasn’t wearing the right glasses, so the image was so distorted that the fish was the girl’s mouth and the eyes were messed up.  She changed her mind with the right eyewear, saying she was impressed I drew it myself.  I’m choosing to take that part as a compliment…]

So I’m not sure how successful that part of the picture is, but I’m really happy with the coloring.  I’ve been improving with my Copic markers lately and am also trying to be more aware of using color thoughtfully.  By only using one orange and two blue blends (plus a peachy skin color), the image feels unified.

I like her. I actually filmed about half of the coloring for a short YouTube video, but my phone ran out of space.  Before I realized it stopped the recording the drawing was almost done.  Oh well.

I’m not officially doing MerMay, but I’d like to contribute a couple more mermaids this month.  You can expect a blog post or two in the next couple weeks about them, or follow me on Instagram to see the progress of more mermaid-y drawings.

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