This week’s art actually arose out of some confusion.  I heard about a drawing contest from Crunchyroll, who was celebrating having one million premium members.  As a premium member myself, I wanted to participate.  Not to mention the GIGANTIC prize pack of anime movies, game systems, merchandise, and more.

The contest said to draw ‘Hime’ in a creative way.  Easy enough.  I know drawing a chibi isn’t especially creative (at all), but it would be fun and is what I was inspired to do.  So, naturally, I started drawing Hatsune Miku.

For those of you who know these characters, feel free to laugh at my mistake.  I audibly laughed myself when I realized.  Maybe my over-tired brain translated Hime to the ‘H-’ in Hatsune and ‘Mi-’ from Miku.  I wasn’t super familiar with the latter character, but Hime?  Ironically, I read her 4-panel manga every couple weeks.  I just never paid much attention to her name.

After registering that I confused Crunchyroll’s mascot character for a Vocaloid video game one, I decided to finish Miku-san and start Hime the next day.  I came up with an actually creative idea for Hime, but I felt sick with a cold before I could get started.  It was also the last day of the contest.

I don’t claim to be able to draw in an authentic Japanese style, but I like this chibi.  She has a little bit of my style to her, and is cute and simple.  I thought of doing some kind of background, but figured she was better left with a little drop shadow under her back foot.

Having never played a Vocaloid game, I don’t know if she succeeds totally as her character.  From reference pictures she seemed to dance and be joyful on stage.  That’s what I tried to capture.  Also her hair.  I see why it’s iconic- it’s also fun to draw and color.  Parts of her outfit were surprisingly intricate, so I simplified or omitted some to keep with the typical simplicity of chibis.

As a side note, I looked up her music during my research.  A lot of it is a little too ‘electronic’ for my tastes (she is an artificial vocal synthesizer, after all), but it was still nice to listen to.

If you’d like to see more chibis from me, stay tuned; I’ll be teaching a class to local homeschoolers next month.  In that blog I’ll share with you what I taught them, including tips and resources for future chibi drawings.

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