Navi: Helpful or Annoying?

In celebration of Breath of the Wild’s release, I’ve decided to do a mini “Zelda-thon”.  I’ll have Zelda book reviews and fan art over the next few days, so be sure to stay tuned!

Of course it wouldn’t be a celebration of the Legend of Zelda without Navi, so I thought she’d be good fit to kick off this little Zelda-thon.  Love her or hate her, she is a very integral part of one of the best Zelda games (in my opinion and many others).  She’s also the first partner Link has had in a game.

Zelda Universe has a long article about her that fully analyzes the character and opinions about her from fans.  It’s interesting to read, and goes surprisingly deep into her personality and contributions to the player.  Essentially, from a poll run with their fans it rated Navi as an okay figure who is both helpful and annoying.

I know my opinion of Navi has changed over the years.  As a kid, when I just wanted to do what I wanted to (as in, fish for hours trying to catch the elusive beast-fish), her constant reminders that Saria is in trouble or I need to hurry to somewhere else were bothersome.

Colored Pencil Navi on Toned Tan Paper

But I’ve come to really appreciate her.  Her design is beautifully simple, and is now filled with happy nostalgia for me.  Playing through Ocarina of Time 3D, she’s actually quite helpful.  If you want to know the names and weaknesses of your enemies, she’s your girl, er, fairy.

About the artwork itself, I’ve been wanting to use my toned tan paper from Strathmore for a while now.  And after completing this Friday’s artwork (coming soon!), I really wanted to make something fairly simple.  It was made with my Prismacolor Premier colored pencils.  They have a soft lead, which is great for building up gradients and lightly applying tone.

It only took about an hour to complete.  I could easily have kept going with the gentle shading of her aura and body, but I was reaching a point of potentially overdoing it.

A little personal story for you:

My first Zelda game was given to me by my mom.  It was along with a special silver GameCube, and quickly became my most played with, most loved gift.  The game itself was actually a compilation of the Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and a special demo for the upcoming Wind Waker.

While we lost the GameCube later to an electrical surge, I still have the game today.  It started a lifelong passion for me, and is a major source of inspiration.  While I’m thrilled to see how great Breath of the Wild will be, those last three will always hold a special place in my heart. *sniff*

So, what are your thoughts on Navi?  If you’ve played the game, did you like her or not?  If you haven’t played, any thoughts on her character design?

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