My Art Goals for 2017

As everyone makes their New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided to set some goals I would like to achieve when it comes to my art skills (and artist-y things in general).  Being an artist means you are always trying to move forward, improve your skills and creativity.

Creating this list will help keep me going on that forward momentum.  I thought you might be curious to see, too, what I want to accomplish this year in terms of drawing and art.

Draw more, and more often

Like any skill set, the only way to improve is through practice.  Ideally, I’d like to at least sketch every day, but I’m not going to put that kind of pressured expectation on myself.  Instead, I will sketch as often as I can.

As for the subjects, I would like to vary that as well.  So far I am pretty good at deer and moose, and okay at figures.  Increasing my ‘repertoire’, if you will, to include and improve a greater variety of animals, settings, and people is important to me.  I’m going to work to get better at backgrounds in general as well.  Architecture and urban settings have always been daunting to me, and I’d love to be able to draw them much better by the end of this year.

Be more confident in my art, especially online

I want to be comfortable putting myself, and artwork, out there.  Perhaps because I am very aware of my own art shortcomings, I tend to notice those issues in my drawings, without acknowledging my successes.

Overcoming that is essential when it comes to my ambitions for this blog and YouTube Channel.  Besides that, I know it is important for me personally to break out of my comfort zone this way.  Time to say goodbye to that little inner voice of Self-Doubt and hello to Confidence.

Give in to the artistic process

Along a similar vein to the goal above, I can be a perfectionist sometimes when it comes to making art and writing.  My mom would tell you I absolutely am.  It is a bad habit that keeps me rigid when I should just relax and create.

My favorite works, whether drawn, painted, or written, have come from when I got out of my own way and let the inspiration take over.  While I won’t always have inspiration to pull from, I want to allow my ideas to manifest without the interruption of my ‘inner editor’.

This also means not being afraid to experiment and just play with different ideas and mediums.  I’m really excited about this goal, because I look forward to unlocking my somewhat stifled creative self.

Improve at graphite and ink drawings

I’ve always enjoyed just putting pencil to paper and creating an illustration with that tool alone.  It feels traditional yet applicable to any subject matter (dragons, anyone?).  From the bit I’ve dabbled in inked illustrations, there is a similar feeling.  It’s the closest to ‘fine art’ I’ve gotten.

The concept of being able to create many different textures with a single pencil or pen is intriguing to me.  This year I want to go from the occasional loose sketch and Inktober drawing to following tutorials and improved drawings.

Paint more

Last year I bought some acrylics and watercolors.  I love the feel of them, and am excited about creating with paint on both canvas and paper.  But I didn’t make much time for them.  This year I am going to change that.  As I said above, I look forward to playing with a variety of mediums, paint included.  Brace yourself for some paint-y speedpaints!

So there they are: my general art goals for 2017.  I hope you follow me on this journey, where you can see my work-in-progress and finished pictures on Instagram and Twitter.  Also be sure to check out my YouTube to see speedpaints, speeddrawings, art hauls, and more!

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