It’s become blaringly apparent lately that my goal of 31 ink drawings by the end of Inktober was a bit too ambitious.  The second week of October I got a bad cold, and now I’m putting a lot of work into my Latin studies.

However, I am happy with the improvements and drawings I have made, despite being disappointed about the total count.  But hey, life happens.  Thankfully the use of ink is absolutely not limited to this one month and challenge.  I look forward to continuing to improve and create inky art in the future.

My latest (and probably last) drawing for Inktober is still in progress.  Last year I made a picture for my grandparents of a deer, and since then I’ve really liked drawing them.  Moose are clearly a little different, and I was interested in studying those differences.  I also wanted to try and create a short hair texture in contrast to the antlers.

Inktober Moose 2016 WIP Watermarked

I’m really loving it so far.  It takes time to build up the shading with short strokes, and I’m largely testing out the techniques here, but it’s turning out well.  Also, it makes me happy to be using my colored microns again.  The dark chocolate color suits the moose for obvious reasons, plus it will make it look more natural and soft when complete.  Now I only have the rest of the legs and some grassy elements on the bottom to do.

The face, which I did first, doesn’t quite match the rest of the body.  Because I grew more confident as I went along, the head has more tentative shading.  It shouldn’t be hard to go back and add a little more.


How are your Inktobers going? Let me know in the comments below.

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