After taking some time off for my birthday, today’s Inktober work is inspired by the occasion.  I had a few other ideas, but since it was my 20th I thought I should doodle something for it.

Inktober drawing #3, on the fourth

My cake last year actually looked a little like this one.  Well, it had three small tiers anyway.  I finally broke out my colored Pigma Microns.  It’s mostly dark blue, with tiny orange accents on the candles.

One thing that’s been particularly interesting to me about ink lately is the use of different textures- how one pen can create a variety of surfaces.  I played with that in this, experimenting with the crosshatching on the table, the little flowers on the borders, and the scumbling/scribbling background.

I was nervous about the background.  It felt like adding that dark scribbling would either make or totally ruin the picture.  In the end, I think it could have been done better.  Although it does add some depth which is nice.

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