It’s time for another Inktober! I thought you might want to see which ones are in my arsenal this month.

First, are the Pigma Micron pens by Sakura. Technically, there are also the Pigma Brushes and Pigma Graphics, which are ink brushes and markers respectively. This is a mixed set of 16 I purchased a while back. The Microns are what I use for all of my inking normally. The Brush makes occasional appearances when I’m feeling fancy, and the Graphics are seldom used to fill in large areas.

I also have a selection of colored Micron pens (more than what’s above, but here is an array of most of the colors). These were my favorites last year, as I received them for my birthday at the beginning of Inktober.

The basis of pretty much all of my drawings, I use pencils to do a sketch that I ink over. I tend to prefer wooden pencils around the B-HB range for these, but I’m not too picky. The erasers I use are pretty cheap but good for erasing the sketch after inking.

Some people consider using Copics and other markers cheating for Inktober. Other people say that there is ink in the markers, so they count. I’m kind of in between. For this year, I’ve decided that I can use some of my cool grays, but only for accents or to fill in spaces.

A major staple in many artist’s supplies is a white gel pen. Specifically, I use a white classic Gelly Roll by Sakura. It gives an opaque color fairly easily, making it good for bold highlights and fixing inking mistakes.

Edit: I picked this Pitt Pen by Faber Castell up about half way through Inktober. I’ve been meaning to get one for a while, based on some positive reviews on YouTube.

What are you using this Inktober? I’d love to know in the comments!

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